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Black Rose Beach was not my cup of tea. I will get that out of the way right now. Bloodplay is one of those fetishes that I think is unnecessarily risky, and people who think or pretend they are vampires tend to annoy me. To each their own, but its not something Id normally read about.Even disregarding that, I found this short story confusing and poorly executed.Our narrator is Laura, who I know very little about other than her fetish is drinking blood, she apparently writes romance novels, and she is stupid enough to go into the house of a strange, pallid man who is spying on her with a telescope. And does not leave when he acts creepy and weird and tells her flat out that he is a real vampire. Not only is the writing in first person, but it is written as if Laura is talking, which means that the grammar is a little spotty, her sentences are rushed and confusing, her tenses are all over the place, and her metaphors are bizarre. I felt like I was reading something that was intentionally written to read like a diary, but there is no indication that this is the case.The characters act inconsistently. Laura professes to normally being dominant. We do see her demonstrate this, but in another scene she acquiesces to the wishes of David (Mr. Vampire) in a way that doesnt make any sense. Hes not into men, so bringing in another man for Laura to drink from- because Davids blood is off limits- is not acceptable; but even though shes not into women, its okay for him to bring in Darla, who is basically his blood slave? And this is supposed to be for her? But she enjoys it, of course.I feel bad for Darla, by the way. Both David and Laura manipulate her, lie to her, and use her for their own benefit. She seems like a nice enough girl, but she is apparently not suitable for anything but a conduit of their sex life- because she fawns over David and is sensitive.The other big inconsistency comes when David isnt angry at Laura for manipulating and forcing a taste of his blood from him. He isnt mad, hes happy; in fact, he knew all along that this was meant to be, from the moment she showed up....Wait, what? The whole reason Darla was brought in was because he was super, super freaked out that Laura wanted to drink his blood, and he wouldnt let her. It was a Big Deal. He didnt want her to change. If he did, why was Darla necessary? Why didnt he just let her drink that first night when she tried? THIS STORY, IT MAKES NO SENSE.Finally, Laura is into drinking blood, but she repeatedly tells us that she is not into the whole vampire schtick and that she thinks vampire romance is silly. She makes fun of Darla (silently) for believing in it, as well as internally mocking David for believing that he is a creature of the night. But when she throws up her breakfast and then goes out into the sun and gets HORRIBLE BLISTERS, she takes being a vampire way too well. Believable, it was not.My only conclusion is that Laura and David are both snobby, manipulative, selfish jerkoffs who deserve each other, and that Darla was treated terribly for no good reason. This is made even worse, by the way, when we see her buying shoes with her fathers credit card; I think it was meant to make her look bad, but to me that just says she is young and impressionable and that they are even more horrible for taking advantage of her. Darla, sweetie, please go home to your daddy. I am pretty sure they are missing you. You dont have to throw your life away for two vampires who dont give a snot about you.F this book.

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